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5 Tips to Sleep Well and Wake Up Refreshed

Sleeping Baby
True Sleeping Baby :)

Sleep disorders are increasingly common.

There are many different internal and external reasons for that. And they are also one of the side effects of addictions.

It is possible to sleep better and deeper, just making true the following 5 simple advice, waking up refreshed and revitalized even if you have a few hours sleep.

It works also for those who have difficulty falling asleep or having many sleep interruptions during the night.

1. Dinner

It is good to have a light meal, at least 3 hours before going to sleep, so that the stomach and solar plexus are not engaged in digestive activities, or with smoke and alcohol. And you already knew that, right? But it only works when it's done.

2. Emotions and Thoughts

Avoiding as much as possible to engage in conflicts, and anything that feeds negative emotions and concerns. It's much better to end the evening with activities that stimulate positive emotions and thoughts. If you have a problem, don't worry, you'll find it again, tomorrow. But if you sleep well, you will may wake up with the solution.

3. Temperature and Oxygenation

Take care that the bedroom is fresh and possibly well oxygenated. Also open during winter season, before going to sleep, or keep a window of the house slightly open, to circulate fresh air.

4. Bedroom Feng - Shui

  • Orientation. Although it will not always be possible to change the position of your bed, it is good to know that the cardinal points have different qualities, and that to rest well the top of the head should be facing East, where the spiritual, peaceful and calm energy comes from.

  • Walls colors. Clear colors, or white. The color that opens the heart, to instill a sense of peace, is light pink, and could be put a little bit into the color composition. Differently, blood type people, they may feel better sleeping in a light blue shades bedroom, which tends to reduce the excess of fire.

  • Furnishings. Respecting the personal preferences, in case of sleep disorders, please, NOT mirrors, heavy cabinets and furnitures. NOT low beamed ceiling, bookcases, hanging cabinet, or heavy paintings and chandeliers on the bed. NOT clutter, disorder, many knick-knacks and television. YES to free space, order, cleaning, order in the drawers, cozy atmosphere. Less is More.

The above pics are the NO. The below one are the YES. How do you feel with this?

5. Synchronized breathing

Last but not least, this breathing technique makes the big difference to improve the quality of sleep. Having a video of Master Del Pe available, you can easily learn it by following the first few minutes breathing technique in the video below. It will be great to do all the 20 minutes meditation, twice a week.

How to Start. Seated, facing East, feet on the floor, inhale from the nouse bringing the chin upward, exhaling from the mouth, bringing the chin down, 10 times. Then bring attention to 3 points of light:

  1. Top of the head

  2. Center of your eyebrows

  3. Center of the chest

A little bit more focus on the point at the top of the head and the center of your chest. Breath slowly, and deeply ... relax. Continue for a minute or so.

Repeat everything 4 - 5 times, and goodnight.

And let me knowe. Best of life ahead :)

The sincronized breathing start around 6 minutes 40", to end at 11 minutes 54".


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