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by Master Del Pe

30 years of global research and experimentation to bring to you fast, practical, and natural solutions to break the chains, to heal the side effects, taking back Your Life in 3 - 6 months online program.

Plus you will replace addiction with new practical tools to enjoy your stress-free life, and to maximize your performances naturally.

Distance Healing

Distance Healings

Practical Self-Management Strategies to Create Effective Results by Distance

You will stay in the comfort of your home or office, and we'll be able to work at the distance, via an online connection, spending 1 hour each practical session.

  • Leave addiction and side effects naturally.

  • Increase vitality and will power.

  • Improve decision-making, focus, and sleep quality.

  • Sharpe and clear your mind.

  • Improve your positive emotions, and achieve inner peace daily.


The cleanLIFE™ program can be integrated with any activity and therapy. 

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14 online sessions. Stop to cocaine addiction

I started a path with you to fight and try to eliminate my 10 years of cocaine-addiction. I immediately observed and felt a change, and after several numbers of sessions, I totally removed myself from the substance. Thanking the exercises we did together, I slowly felt a physical and mental relief ... It is a method that I can truly recommend to those who have problems with substance addiction".

- G.B. Entrepreneur. Italy



The Founder. Master Del Pe
The cleanLIFE™ program designed by Master Del Pe to rapidly transform addictions and their side effects, is simple to do, with effective and sustainable results. Applying Self-Management practical strategies, BEwell Science, and Psychoenergetics protocols, we integrate the best of Eastern wisdom with Western scientific and pragmatic approach, as the result of 30 years of research and experimentation in over 100 countries.
Founder & Method


Bio-Mechanical movements, combined with breathing techniques, synthesys martial arts and meditation.
At the end you'll be able to do it by yourself in 5 to 20 minutes.
So you will be able to sustain and to improve your benefits ...
  • Vitality

  • Focus

  • Will-power

  • Decision-making

  • Mental clearness

  • Higher emotions

  • Inner peace

... and to acquire

new qualities

Tools & Benefits



Life Expert & Spiritual Mentor, Angie is especially expert in overcoming difficult situations and Will-Power Development. She was personally trained by Master Del Pe, to be now Certified Representative of BElife Institute for Higher Consciousness (BIHC), Wisdom Institute for Leadership & Global Advancement (WILGA), and World Institute for Incurable Diseases (WIID), in Europe.

"I cannot tell you that your future will be free from struggles,

but I can give you the tools to overcome even storming seas.

I came back from hell to do it!".

- Angie Claire


Contact me

+39 320 687 2452


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